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Attention: Actors

"Get a SOLID Acting Foundation at Home that you can build on FOREVER, in your own time, during Acting Classes and while working as a Professional Actor"

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   Please Note: All quoted figures are in US Dollars.


    Hi and thanks for your interest in this Foundation Home Acting Course. A home acting course is somewhat of a rarity and you’re probably wondering; “How can you learn acting at home?” Well here’s a little secret that you may not have known. You HAVE to learn acting at home! What???!!!

    I have been coaching actors for the last twenty years and one thing that I know is Most acting courses are aimed at the masses, they have to be, to be economically viable. Fifteen, twenty, thirty in a class, maybe three hours per week, if you’re lucky. You are one of the mob.

    Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with acting classes, I encourage them. BUT, the TRUTH is there is not enough time in 99% of courses for you to truly reach your full potential, to get the attention that you need. This foundation Home Acting Course, the ‘Carne Method’, gives you the competitive edge, an unfair advantage over the others.


    I have met so many actors who have done classes for years and NEVER solidified their own way of working. NEVER got the foundation they really needed.


    How could they when a lot of the time they played games in a class of twenty or more, or were vying for the limited time of their teacher? The Home Acting Course gives you a foundation, a complete way of working that you can extend and build on in class while the others are still struggling for attention.

    If you have been involved in acting classes in the past ask yourself these questions. “Do I really have a solid acting foundation that I fully understand, that I use and that works well for me? Have my past classes really pushed me towards gaining that complete foundation with the end in sight? Is it just class after class, year after year? How many more classes do I have to do before I have a solid foundation that works for me? One term? Two terms? Years??? Am I continually crossing my fingers hoping that this next course will deliver? Am I prepared to risk money on another class with no guarantees that could see another stream of ideas that don’t fit into a cohesive way of working? Am I really ready for my big break!?


    This is probably THE most competitive industry on Earth, you need to be ready NOW. You never know when opportunity will knock and if you’re not ready then it will pass you by.


    As a teacher in my own studio some of the most common complaints I hear from new students about their previous classes are:


"We had twenty people in the class so you never really got any personal attention.”

 “It was great at first but then we just kept doing the same thing.” 

“All that Money! I had a bit of fun, but I didn’t really learn anything.”

 “People would turn up late, they wanted to take breaks, we wasted so much time!”

 “I went there for nearly two years and I still don’t have a real way of working!”

 And of course, my personal favorite;

 “All we did was play games!”


    The ‘Carne Method’ is 100% information. No time wasting, no late students holding YOU back, just you and your potential! Don’t allow other people to dictate whether you succeed or not, TAKE CONTROL!


Who Wrote the Course and how did it come about?

    My name is Robert Carne and I’ve been acting for the last 30 years. Following is a brief story of my journey leading up to writing this course, I’m sure you’ll find some elements familiar.


 For me the early years were fraught with frustration.


    At the age of five I started pestering my parents to do acting, there were kids my age on TV so why not me? Finally, aged 9, they relented and let me join a theatre group that held around 9 performances annually. At last I was on the stage! My next task was to become involved in actual classes where I could learn the skills necessary to fulfill my dreams. It wasn’t long before I had joined a Talent School and my tuition in Singing, Dancing and Acting began.

I was on the way!

    I was taking the classes and doing loads of performances but after a while things started to slow down. I was becoming frustrated with playing games in class and not really getting down to the nitty gritty. Time to move on. I went to another studio where performance experience was paramount. I was soon involved in productions over lapping productions, I was gaining valuable performance experience, didn’t have the ‘games’ frustration and was starting to get professional work in Television commercials, TV and Film.

    But after a while I found myself once again getting edgy and knew there must be more, so I left and tried some other studios. All to no avail. Most of them promising this miraculous, spontaneous, creative surge all by having my head crammed full of ‘Method’. How could I concentrate on the performance with all that information swimming around in my head?


There must be more!


    The next stage of my search saw me attend a "High Profile" Acting Academy. There I found some excellent teachers and my confidence grew. I learnt some valuable lessons about Status and taking risks, things were going well until ...

    I was in a class with some very talented students, the teacher was giving us an exercise to do and we weren’t giving her what she wanted. We couldn’t get it right; she was getting very frustrated, as were we. Finally it got the better of me so I said to her, “We obviously can’t do it correctly, maybe we don’t understand, could you please show us so we know what you are talking about?" Her reply was, “You’ve got to be joking!”


My Life changed.


    There she was, the teacher who had been at us time and time again about taking risks with our acting, telling us to put ourselves on the line and yet here she was not prepared to do so herself! I left the school and I knew what I had to do.

    By this time I was around nineteen years old, I had a good ten years of learning behind me. I knew where I was with my acting and I knew where I wanted to go. The time had come to discover my own path, to find out what either most teachers weren’t prepared to teach or what they didn’t even know existed. What are the secrets that seemed to have eluded all my previous acting coaches? I needed to study, I headed off to University.

I went on a Journey of Discovery.


    I was luckier than most at University, I knew exactly why I was there and was only going to study courses that were going to help me fulfill my goals. While my University friends were complaining about ‘compulsory courses’ for their degrees I was hand picking only the courses to suit me.

    I decided to do a double major in Psychology and Drama. I pursued some other areas which I felt would also be of benefit, taking courses in Philosophy and Sociology.


All of my focus was on Acting


    I focused all of my assignments towards understanding the secrets of acting. I often received comments like, “This is very interesting, but not strictly to the topic”. I didn’t care, I was learning and learning fast. I talked, I listened and I learned.


I was unwrapping the secrets!


    I learnt about emotion, found the best theories and adapted them for acting. I learnt about memory and discovered the big mistakes that most actors make when learning lines. I absorbed every scrap of information that would help me in my pursuits. I adapted theories, I created theories, I tried them, I tested them and they worked! Two years later I was feeling good, but I needed to get back home, two years away from the profession had started to frustrate me and there was a Lady waiting.

    While completing my Degree through Long Distance education I went back in search of the best acting coaches. I had already formulated my foundation theories and they were solid, but there were still a few gaps in the net for exercises that would deliver the results.


The Final Pieces to the Puzzle


    I started searching for the right teachers and soon found one that filled a big piece of the puzzle. I trained with a teacher grounded in Sanford Meisners techniques. I now had a primary emotional exercise for interaction, but there were holes. While Meisner had some excellent methods, there was no underlying theory, no way to understand exactly why and how it worked. I took all of my research, my theories and techniques and found they matched! The puzzle was nearly complete. I had an excellent emotional exercise coupled with underlying theories that took the guesswork out.

    Unfortunately a key element was missing, I still needed an effective emotional exercise for preparation. I searched everywhere, in all the conventional areas. I drew a blank.


Then I started in the unconventional areas...(next page)