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To whom it may concern, I have known Robert Carne for a period of eighteen months during which time I have worked closely with him as his Acting Tutor and his Director. I have found Robertís attitude as an actor exemplary. I am certain that his considerable practical experience as a performer and in the technical areas of production is one of the contributors to his professionalism as an actor. I know that Robert also has some experience as a teacher of acting and am certain that this gives him a particularly insightful view of the acting process. In his acting work as part of my professional company at the recent Shakespeare Festival Australia, Robert proved to be a committed, responsible, energetic and inventive member of the ensemble. It was a pleasure to work with him. I would have no hesitation in recommending Robert Carne to any group or company which can make use of his considerable abilities. Yours sincerely, Adam Macaulay Ė Director of Studies, Actors College of Theatre & Television.  


To whom it may concern, I first met Robert Carne as a fourteen year old student of his Dance Action Performing Arts Studio in Gladesville. As a result of studying with him, I became involved in various productions within Dance Action and this interest then led me to study theatre at the University of New South Wales in the form of an Arts degree. I began this degree in 1995 and then decided to major in Theatre Studies, with the hope to complete honors with the school in 1999. This, I hope, will lead to further work within the industry. I have been involved in several productions on and off campus and have worked with numerous directors, both student and professional. My work within the theatre has taken many forms mostly acting roles but also stage managing, lighting and costume design. I directed my first play, an ancient Greek tragedy, Electra, in May 1997. I believe the style of work I did with Robert enabled me to look at theatre and the art of acting in a very unique way. As his student I gained many skills that I have found invaluable and I am surprised at the few directors or actors Iíve met who have been able to exhibit the amount of skill and ambition that Robert not only teaches but demonstrates himself. His approach is different from other teachers I have known in that he creates a fun and safe atmosphere for students to work in whilst constantly challenging them to act in an honest and committed way. His energy, sensitivity, and psychological insights have helped all his students to get a firm grasp of the more subtle elements of acting and performing. This has especially helped me to have a centred approach to performing and working with other actors and directors. As a result of the work I have done with Robert and the amount he has taught me, I believe I am much better equipped to not only have a good grasp of acting techniques but of human nature in general. He has been a supportive and caring person in my life and in many others. His commitment to his pupils and to his own theories of acting is inspiring and I consider myself extremely lucky to have been Robertís student. Samantha Newman.  


To whom it may concern. I have known Robert Carne for 20 years. Our association began in community based theatre as performers in Cumberland Gang Show. Even in those formative years Robert demonstrated immense dedication and skill in the performance area. In later years I was associated with Robert through my business partner who held a teaching position at Dance Action, a performing arts studio run by Robert and his wife. During this time I was impressed in the running of the studio but especially with the care and dedication shown to each student. In September/October this year I produced Captives of Care for the Green Room Festival at Parramatta Riverside Theatres. Robert at a momentsí notice replaced another cast member stepping into the role and the company with great professionalism, his performance was nothing short of brilliant. In my opinion developed over twenty years Robert Carne is honest, dedicated, talented, well organized and caring. He is also an excellent team member, who demonstrates great leadership qualities. I feel comfortable in recommending Robert Carne for any position he may be considering, especially in the performing arts arena. Yours Sincerely, John L Simpson. Ė Theatrical Producer, John L Simpson Productions.  


To whom it may concern, I first became an acting student of Robert Carne in 1992. I have found his courses to be highly effective in making profound and sustained insights into understanding of the nature of performance, through emotions, voice, movement, stagecraft etc. Robert is himself highly trained as an actor, with a rigorous understanding of the acting process. He is both professional and ethical. I unhesitatingly recommend his courses to anyone who is serious about undertaking the acting journey. Sincerely, Catherine David.


I have known Robert Carne for the past ten years in both a personal and professional capacity.  I was an acting student of his for four years. Robert is a highly intelligent and motivated person. His passion for the performing arts has seen him become a brilliant actor, scriptwriter and teacher. Through Robertís courses, I have gained an extensive knowledge of myself as well as human interaction, body language and a method of acting that is based on first becoming aware of your own emotional energy by breaking down your own psychological and emotional barriers and then using that awareness to access that energy and re-channel it into the emotions of the character you are portraying. Robertís classes were an invaluable experience for me on both an acting and personal level. Robert's ideas, theories and approaches to acting are ever evolving and are progressive. He is open to new ideas thus is forever gaining a greater depth and scope of knowledge that comes through in his acting, teaching and script writing. Given the depth and intensity of Robert's course and his absolute dedication to each individual studentís need, Robert and I have remained close friends. As a person, he is energetic, inspiring, honest and caring with a dynamic personality and a sharp sense of humor. I would recommend any aspiring actors to do Robertís courses, at the least you will gain is a deep understanding of yourself and human nature. Yours Sincerely, Jennifer Sheahan


I first met Robert Carne in a children's production at the Parramatta Riverside Theatre's when I was 14 years old. At the time I had just left ATYP after two years and was longing to join a more personal class with a far deeper approach to acting rather than two hours of theatre sports. The production's Director, Mr. John Simpson, suggested I contact Robert Carne. I was a student of Roberts for three years and in this time grew immensely as an actress. Robert has a very personal approach to his class and helps his students individually. He uses many types of exercises to either break down barriers, sustain focus, bring out emotions and increase an understanding and empathy with a character. Robert's passion and understanding for his work is not only a wonderful asset for a teacher but it is inspiring for his students. Robert has a wonderful teaching ability and always has a way of expressing an idea or a point no matter what level his students are on. Combined with Robert's caring, sensitive, understanding and patient nature, it is impossible for me to think of a better teacher. I have gained so much from his classes, not only as an actress but as a person as well. I hope to rejoin his class in 2003. Jasmin Payne


To whom it may concern, I have known Robert for the past twelve months, and have found him to be easygoing and professional in nature. I consider myself to be fortunate to have directed a short film that Robert acted in. This experience illustrated to me Robertís extreme enthusiasm, energy and focus when it comes to acting. His calm and flexible approach to teamwork is a style that I enjoy working with. I have also seen a number of other short films that Robert has been involved in and I have read a feature film script that he has written. I admire Robertís ability to create engaging characters, images and ideas and transfer them firstly to the written word with clarity and simplicity and then to the screen with ease and grace. Rob is a rarity as an actor and an acting coach. Not only does he have extensive knowledge about traditional methods of acting, but he has also developed his own methods of acting and acting coaching. Having discussed with Robert acting techniques on numerous occasions, I believe that anyone who has the opportunity to be taught by Robert will see that his methods are insightful, unique and necessary for one to grow towards becoming a successful and respected actor or actress. I believe that his acting techniques can help taper the chasm between having talent in acting and achieving success with acting. Robert has taught me a lot about acting in the time I have known him, which has certainly strengthened and helped shape me as a director. I am one of many who have been motivated and inspired by Robert, and I hope that many more aspiring actors, actresses and directors will be fortunate to come in contact with Robertís knowledge of and insight into the facets of film and theatre. Regards, Shannon Doherty (Not of 90210 fame)


To Whom it May Concern, I write as a referee for Robert Carne, whom I have known for over ten years in both personal and professional realms. I first met Robert as a student in his drama classes at Dance Action Studio in Gladesville, and worked with him in his advanced acting program for a number of years. As one of his students, I would highly recommend his skills and program, and hold his innovation and commitment in the highest regard. Regarding his professionalism, I do not hesitate to vouch for his legitimacy. Sincerely, Dr Linda Sheahan.


Schemactor was a great investment for me to make, it's theories and methods were not only extremely useful but also very easy to understand and follow, Robert Carne's course is an excellent tool for an approach to a better, more truthful acting style, which can captivate an audience with every word. I really enjoyed the course, it gave me a great base for my career as an actor. Adam Dowell


To whom it may concern, I am part way into the foundation acting course and I think it's brilliant. The idea of a home acting course suits me because I live in an isolated area where there is no acting classes to go to and so the course offers convenience. I recommend anyone who is interested in acting (no matter where they are), to do the home acting course because there is so much information in the course that you don't learn in a classroom. And I've done acting classes in a classroom environment in the past. Monica Borja.


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To whom it may concern, For the last six months I've been studying 'Schemactor' - 'The Carne Method', Home Acting Course. I've got to say that it's great, never before have I learnt, or been taught so much in-depth information. The more I studied, the more I realized that Acting Coaches couldn't provide me with the in-depth information that Schemactor offered. Within 4 weeks I was able to bring my initial emotions to life and then put a character's effective emotion on top, thus bringing a truthful performance to life. If I every make it in Hollywood I'll remember how to thank. Thank you Schemactor, but more importantly thank you to the person who wrote it, Robert Carne. Charlie Sant.



Dear Sir or Madam: I recently discovered that I wanted to try out acting but I had no idea how to approach it. When I first heard about "The Carne Method" I wasn't sure what to expect but after reading about it I decided to give it a go. Within the first few pages I realized that there was so much to acting that I had no clue about. "The Carne Method" gave me insight into characterization by thoroughly analyzing why certain characters would run for their lives whilst others would stay and put up a fight. It helped me to gain a better understanding of how to accurately portray a character with qualities that defines his or her personality, which is so important in any production. "The Carne Method" also outlines ways in which you can add style and authenticity to your performance by allowing you 'space' to experiment with your acting technique. "The Carne Method" is an excellent program for anyone wishing to either start or further progress their acting career. Unlike other courses, "The Carne Method" was completely developed by an actor with years of experience who knows what the acting industry is like. I have found that "The Carne Method" has been a huge help for me and I recommend it to anyone who is serious about being a performer. "The Carne Method" is a great way to get a head start in this very competitive business. Sincerely, Mitchell Starr.


3, September 2003

To Whom it May Concern,

Robert Carne was a teacher with the Academy of Performing Arts Macarthur for three years.  During this time the drama department grew considerably, under his direction.  Robert was responsible for all teacher-parent relations, all syllabus implementation and course structure and development.Robert wrote and directed a number of youth productions, showing his own creative flair as well as encouraging the students to develop their own creative abilities. Robert was an integral part of the Academyís faculty.  He was a valued team member and an excellent leader and director.  Robert was entirely responsible for the end-of-year drama production; managing the budget, negotiating venues, casting, directing and producing.  During production periods, Robert was always positive, calm and supportive to all team members.I have no hesitation in recommending Robert Carne to you.  His personal and professional attributes do him credit.

Yours sincerely Danielle Hincks





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