Questions & Answers


Q. How do I become 'discovered' if I'm acting at home?

A. This course, for the most part, has nothing to do with being 'discovered' or making you a 'Star'. This course aims to provide actors with a holistic acting foundation based on the fundamental aspects of human behavior and interaction. I am, for the moment, only concerned with my students becoming the best actors they can be. Worry about stardom later.

Q. How long is the course?

A. The Course is Eight Modules, each module taking a minimum of two weeks to complete. I have had many students who have taken longer as they read and re-read each module to help it all sink in. All in your own time. The minimum time it should take to complete the entire course is sixteen weeks.

Q. Do I get a certificate at the end?

A. I am currently engaged in talks with a software engineer who is writing an Internet based examination program that will allow students to take a written exam online. All students who successfully complete the test and receive a passing grade will be awarded a certificate.

Q. Can I get the course any cheaper?

A. No. I believe in giving a great product at a very fair price. $497, my initial price, was very fair. When I moved focus from conventional advertising to the internet I found that my overheads were greatly reduced and so made the decision to change my price accordingly. I am not one to over inflate my price just so I can offer a big 'sale' down the track with students believing that they are now getting a great deal. No sales, just a great deal for a great course.

Q  Should I take 'normal' acting classes?

A. YES! I absolutely encourage you to take part in a classroom situation. The Home Acting Course is designed to give you the behavioral and psychological base that all other experience can rest on. You can't build a magnificent house without a rock solid foundation! The 'Carne Method' will give you that base.

Q Is the course good for children?

A. The course is great for ages thirteen up. However the student must be focused and prepared to work.

Q  Am I about to be ripped off?

A. No. I understand the hesitation that some people have when considering a purchase on-line. Within this site I have tried to alleviate your concerns to the best of my ability with References, Testimonials, Photos of myself and my qualifications. Also I wouldn't last a few days on PayPal if I wasn't legitimate. If you have any further concerns please e-mail me.-


"The Home Acting Course makes other courses make sense!"