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You Can’t Learn Acting at Home...Can you?

Schemactor Pty Ltd has recently released its International Version of ‘The Carne Method’, Home Acting Course. This eight module, sixteen-week program, provides students with a solid acting foundation from home.

Schemactor Pty Ltd has just released its International Version of ‘The Carne Method’, Home Acting Course. This eight module, sixteen-week program, fills a vital gap in actor training, Robert Carne, creator of the course, explains;

“These days actors jump from class to class trying to get a grasp on their own way of acting, their unique style. The sad truth is this ‘own style’ very rarely happens because they have no single underlying understanding of the processes at work in human interaction. Students go from one isolated idea to the next. The Home Acting Course fills this much-needed gap in modern acting study with the ability to bind and integrate different methodologies.”

The course comes in eight modules, each accompanied by an audio CD. A further nine modules dealing with emotional and intellectual preparation are also included. Some of the topics discussed in detail are: Cognition, Stages of Human Interaction, Emotional Truth, Preparation, Vulnerability, Personal Space, Status, Memory, Body Language and Focus.

Comments from recent purchasers:

“I see you have a CD Rom offering now ($99.50). I think that is quite the steal! I am extremely happy and excited to be going through this course for the $200 price I paid ….. I hope others take advantage of this course. I can't wait to get through the rest of it!” Dave USA 2003

“…….I have studied Stella Adler's teaching as well as Stanislavski. But I really have learned the most from your Carne Method of acting for the simple fact you emphasize two things. 1) Listening, and 2) Reacting. This is real life behavior, (which you already know) but it just excites me to hear someone teach what I knew was missing from the other methods. I appreciate your course and how it has opened new doors in preparation for characters……” Reggie – USA 2003

“…..Listening through the CD 2 today, I remembered my performance as Tony in West Side Story, only a few months back. If I would have known even the first two modules of the course, I would have been much happier with my performance. ……… I missed the whole humanity of the scene………. I could have done so much more with that scene had I known EVEN mod. 1 & 2. ……” Padraig – Ireland 2003

While Robert acknowledges that actors must take classes and gain vital practical experience he also recognizes the limitations of time and personal attention in the classroom environment.

“The Home Acting Course is a true foundation for acting, the beginning, not the end. It is a course that complements and enhances conventional classes, it doesn’t compete with them.”

The Course retails for $277.oo US for the printed version with eight audio CDs, or just $99.50 for the CDROM.

If you would like to find out more about Schemactor’s, “Home Acting Course” go to, www.homeactingcourse.com

Founded in 2002, Schemactor Pty Ltd deals with production, performance and tuition in the Performing Arts.



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Robert Carne is the author of the ‘Home Acting Course”. This course is designed to give actors the best possible foundation for their craft available. Actors gain the mental framework necessary in order to accommodate and incorporate all other lessons, information and experience as well as the tools to forge their own unique, brilliant acting style.