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Investing in Yourself

My course aside, I'd like you to think about how much your future is worth to you. How much money do you invest in your future as an actor? I hear from people all the time who want to have a multimillion dollar career yet will spend as little as possible in order to gain the skills needed to support such a career.

Time to look closely at your dreams and goals. How badly do you want them? Success does not come easily nor, generally, cheaply. It amazes me that people will blow hundreds, if not thousands of dollars paying some fraudster who 'guarantees' them instant success. I'm sure you see and hear about it all the time people being ripped off by some agency who demands large sums of money, up-front, in order to make them a 'star' - launch their career. Please, please, please don't seek instant success, don't try and find the easy way out. Offers that sound too good to be true generally are!

As I said before, my course aside, whatever you do - INVEST IN YOUR FUTURE. Take acting lessons, take singing lessons, take dance lessons, take whatever lessons you need to build your skills to the level of an actor worth a million dollars. Don't just wait for someone to give it to you. Invest in yourself, you are your most valuable asset, spend money on your training, on your skills, on your future. Spend your money wisely, work out a budget of what you can afford and what you are prepared to spend, and then see where that money is best spent. Get a plan! You may think the money is best spent taking singing lessons, maybe on voice coaching, maybe on getting a show-reel shot, talk to people in the industry who you trust and get their advice. 

Now I don't do myself a favor by telling you this, most people will tell you that you can't learn acting at home, you're better off spending your money elsewhere. If you want to believe that, fine! They don't know what the course is about. But please, for your own future, be prepared to spend money on your training and growth, on your most valuable asset - YOU! Whether that money is in a local acting class or whatever, just don't skimp where your career is concerned.

I hope this  has helped some of you to put a perspective on your career. I want you to be successful and so you need to know the truth. The best way to get an acting career is to become a great actor. No short-cuts, no fancy promises, no skimping,  just good old fashioned hard work!

All the best,.

Kind Regards,

Robert Carne.




To Whom It May Concern:

I have known Robert Carne for three months.  I was fortunate enough to be one of the cast members of “Chamber Music” for Workn’ Girl Productions which Robert directed.  Robert was incredibly supportive of each actor’s personal process, allowing enough freedom for individual character development, whilst giving suggestions and advice where needed.  He created a safe, creative space for the actor to experiment.  It was obvious to me that Robert had an incredibly solid technique, which he was able to impart in a clear, understandable way (a rare thing indeed).  I found his direction to be intelligent, insightful, and always practical.  Robert was wonderful to work with, and I hope to have the pleasure of working with him again soon.  I would recommend him highly as a director or acting coach.

Melissa Layton (Role of Pearl White)


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Robert Carne is the author of the ‘Home Acting Course”. This course is designed to give actors the best possible foundation for their craft available. Actors gain the mental framework necessary in order to accommodate and incorporate all other lessons, information and experience as well as the tools to forge their own unique, brilliant acting style.