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Age and the Course

     Hi, I have had many, many e-mails asking about the age requirement for the course. Well here is the low down. 

The youngest I recommend the course to is 13yrs. If you are in your early teens the Home Acting Course will be great for you, provided these next statements apply to you.

You need to be mature, focused and hardworking. It is very easy to be caught up in the glitz and glamour of becoming a 'Star' without accepting the reality of the hard work needed. There are many ways that I could sell this course playing on those dreams, but I only want people to buy the course if they are prepared to work at it. So if work is not your thing, this course probably wont be for you. However, if you don't mind the work and are prepared to focus and see it through, the teenage age group is excellent for the 'Carne Method'. Why? Firstly you have reached a sufficient level of mental ability (cognitive functioning) to be able to understand all the concepts and ideas presented to you. Secondly you are yet to fully establish your adult barriers which is a huge asset in your study. While doing the course you will be able to recognize the barriers that you are starting to form, barriers that 'protect' you from conflict situations in the world. Recognizing and understanding these barriers will mean that they wont become barriers for your characters. How do you give a brilliant performance of one who is emotionally hurt, if you the actor have buried these emotions and don't even know it!?

Students in their Twenties

The main thing for students in their twenties is to be open to new ideas. You may have done a number of courses before, even some professional work, you need to commit yourself to the course intellectually and emotionally. You will gain insight into human behavior and be able to look back on your own upbringing to recognize elements that have been influential if the way you 'deal' with the world. I have had some wonderful feedback from people in their twenties who have felt that a new world has been opened to them. I feel great when I get this kind of response, it's nice to help make great actors but it's an even better feeling when I know that the course is benefiting people in their everyday lives as well.

Beyond the Twenties

The 'world wise' crowd, like the Twenties group, need to keep an open mind. After the dreaded 30th Birthday people become even more set in their ways. The challenge is to toss aside pre-conceived ideas and prepare for a fresh look at life and acting. This age group also includes people who have become 'jaded' by the industry, some start to become bitter because they are not yet as successful as they would like to be. If you have found yourself 'slagging' off the Industry, becoming steadily more bitter as the world refuses to accept your talent. Stop it!! These feelings and resentments will not help you at all to reach the levels you aspire to. Get a fresh start, pretend that it was only this morning that you decided to become an actor, you have the rest of your life to train and reach your goals. Acting is one of the rare professions that you can keep working in up till the day you die.

So for all the 30+ out there, when you order the course you must keep an open mind with a fresh eye. If the excitement has gone a bit from those eyes, get it back, and start to get your career on back on track! If the excitement never left your eyes then all the better!

I hope this has been helpful, I look forward to working with you soon.

Kind Regards,

Robert Carne.




To whom it may concern, I first met Robert Carne as a fourteen year old student of his Dance Action Performing Arts Studio in Gladesville. As a result of studying with him, I became involved in various productions within Dance Action and this interest then led me to study theatre at the University of New South Wales in the form of an Arts degree. I began this degree in 1995 and then decided to major in Theatre Studies, with the hope to complete honors with the school in 1999. This, I hope, will lead to further work within the industry. I have been involved in several productions on and off campus and have worked with numerous directors, both student and professional. My work within the theatre has taken many forms mostly acting roles but also stage managing, lighting and costume design. I directed my first play, an ancient Greek tragedy, Electra, in May 1997. I believe the style of work I did with Robert enabled me to look at theatre and the art of acting in a very unique way. As his student I gained many skills that I have found invaluable and I am surprised at the few directors or actors I’ve met who have been able to exhibit the amount of skill and ambition that Robert not only teaches but demonstrates himself. His approach is different from other teachers I have known in that he creates a fun and safe atmosphere for students to work in whilst constantly challenging them to act in an honest and committed way. His energy, sensitivity, and psychological insights have helped all his students to get a firm grasp of the more subtle elements of acting and performing. This has especially helped me to have a centred approach to performing and working with other actors and directors. As a result of the work I have done with Robert and the amount he has taught me, I believe I am much better equipped to not only have a good grasp of acting techniques but of human nature in general. He has been a supportive and caring person in my life and in many others. His commitment to his pupils and to his own theories of acting is inspiring and I consider myself extremely lucky to have been Robert’s student. Samantha Newman.  


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Robert Carne is the author of the ‘Home Acting Course”. This course is designed to give actors the best possible foundation for their craft available. Actors gain the mental framework necessary in order to accommodate and incorporate all other lessons, information and experience as well as the tools to forge their own unique, brilliant acting style.