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Special E-Report for Parents of Teenagers who want to get into Acting.


   For some parents the news that their child wants to become an actor is about as welcome as a pimple on Prom Night; Others push their kids into the limelight in a blind frenzy, with stars in their eyes; And then there are some, like my own parents were, who don't push or pull but very cautiously support their child. The results?? Well, me, I've made a living in the business but will your child....?


Here's some genuine advice and information from one parent (I have an 8yr old girl) to another.


  Firstly, the chances of any one child becoming a 'Star' are very, very, small. Secondly, the chances of a child growing up and making a living from acting are around 4 or 5%. Things sound bleak so far don't they..... However, the chances of a child who has studied acting/drama growing up to be a confident, competent communicator who enjoys a successful non-acting career are greater than 60%!

  Children reap huge benefits by studying  acting and drama; confidence, social skills, communication skills, public speaking etc, all help a child to become successful in whatever career they choose.... and Yes some do become successful actors!


Let's for a moment assume that you have decided to support your child. Here are a few tips.


1) Do Not spend excessive money on photos. To begin with a good head and shoulders shot, taken by a competent friend, will do.

2) Do Not spend money on an agent. They are supposed to make money from making you money. Any agent who asks for a sum of money up-front are telling you something.....RUN!

3) Do spend money on their education and growth; Acting classes, dance classes, a video camera.... anything that has a real, long term, broad benefit for your child. You will need to spend some money, just spend it wisely.

4) Read through the other e-reports that have come with this one, the information contained will help in your understanding of what your child faces.

5) Finally, we all have dreams and aspirations, somewhere in life a lot of them are squeezed out of us. When pursuing an acting career there are always disappointments along the road. Maybe it's not getting the lead in a school play or perhaps it's running a tight second for the lead in a feature film. The disappointments will come. Children should learn acting to grow, become better people, better communicators and maybe even go on to a career. If you and your child focus on the learning, education, fun and personal growth factors inherent in learning acting then you can only win. The child will become a confident and socially competent adult. If you focus purely on 'Stardom' 99% of the people reading this will be disappointed.

I wish you and your child all the best, Drama and Acting have a lot to offer if you look at it in perspective.... and who knows, it may be your child who goes on to make it all the way!


Kind Regards

                       Robert Carne


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“I see you have a CD Rom offering now ($99.50). I think that is quite the steal! I am extremely happy and excited to be going through this course for the $200 price I paid ….. I hope others take advantage of this course. I can't wait to get through the rest of it!” Dave USA 2003

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