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Hi and thanks for your continued interest in the Home Acting Course E-Reports. Please find the following Bonus E-Report.

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Bonus E-Report


"I'm a teenager and I want to get into acting. I don't know where to start or what to do. What's the best way to get an agent and what should I do next??"


1st - Buy the Home Acting Course, if you can’t afford the printed version then get the CD ROM or Digital version. This course will give you a very solid foundation upon which to build.

 2nd – Look in your local area for acting classes. Start doing a class, if you like it, stay, if you don’t, find another one. When you have found a teacher that you like stay with them until you feel that you have learnt everything that you can from them and then move on to another course.

 3rd - . Get a hold of a video camera and start to shoot your own short films. Enter them in small film festivals. One of the best ways to learn is by doing, so get out there, round up some friends with similar aspirations and start doing it!!

 4th – Find a local Community Theatre Group and get yourself attached to it. You may just be working behind the scenes to begin with but at least you are starting to make your dream happen. Once you get on stage, the performance experience will be invaluable!

 5th – If you are looking for casual work to keep yourself alive, look at the local cinema or theatre. Try to make all work aspects of your life revolve around your dream job - acting. Keep close to the industry.

 6th - Getting an agent is such a mine field. As a general rule you need to work your way up from an average agent to a great one. I still believe the best way to start out finding an agent is:

    A) Watch the credits of  TV shows that are filmed in your area. B) Note down the name of the casting agents credited. C) Call up the casting agents and ask them which talent agencies they deal with most. D) Approach those talent agencies. 

I know this sounds simple but I have found it to be the most effective. At least you know that the talent agents you are approaching are actually used by the casting agencies. Being an Extra on TV shows and Films is a great way to get the ball rolling.

7th – Ensure that you make use of the e-mail support that comes with the Home Acting Course. You’ll never know if you don’t ask!!  



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I hope this Bonus E-Report has been of some help.

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Robert Carne.




I was fortunate enough to be one of the 9 cast members to work with Robert Carne on the production of Arthur Kopit’s comedy Chamber Music.  As a person Rob is extremely kind, giving and enthusiastic, and as a director he is exactly the same.  From the beginning Rob encouraged us to experiment (‘Nothing you can do will be going too far for me’!) and find moments that worked for us.  Rob is a very imaginative director who creates on the spot, and despite his own ideas continually being far superior, he willingly listened to ours with endless patience and always emphasized that his ideas came from what we were contributing as actors. And how wonderful to be told ‘OK, now forget what we rehearsed, let’s go with this moment’.  Put quite simply, Robert Carne is the director of every actor’s dreams.

Natalie Richards, actor


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