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E-Report #3

"Think Long Term"


“I want it all and I want it now!” Sound familiar? A great number of  my past students have wanted to become a star, now. Right this minute, no time to study, do homework, learn lines, actually become good at their art, no, just want it NOW!! Hmmmmmmmm.

Well this may be a slight exaggeration, but only slight. I tell students that they have to work hard, learn the ropes, commit to exercises…. “Yes, yes I will!” sound out their eager replies.

“And you're prepared to think long term” I state.

“Yes, yes, as long as it takes!” (God love em!)

“What if you don't get a good ‘break' until next year?”

“That's fine”

“What about three years?” I offer, noticing a slight, maybe dramatic pause before they answer.

“Yes, I'll keep working”

 “Ten years? Twenty?” Silence. “You know there are many great actors who didn't get their ‘big break' until their forties. Ready for that?” Silence. “And many more who didn't get their big break at all because they weren't prepared for the long term, they dropped out too soon.”

Many of my students have gone on to great careers outside the entertainment industry, by choice, many do amateur theatre and this fulfills their needs. And then there are others who are still trekking the long term and those who are well on the way. It's interesting that one of my students, who I gave the ‘long term' speech to and who genuinely was ready and prepared at the age of fifteen to see out the long haul, is now eighteen years of age, done five feature films, one series and is ready for an international career! Be ready for the long term, but that doesn't necessarily mean it will be a long haul.

So, are you ready to do what it takes to make it as an actor? Are you ready and prepared for the long term? Please don't get me wrong, I hope I haven't sounded like the road is tedious and full of hardship woe and sorrow. If you are genuinely working towards a great career then there will be numerous successes along the way. Your first play, first short film, first professional gig, first commercial etc…. and all the while you'll be doing what you love. It is hard work but it doesn't have to be ‘hard'. Enjoy the journey and make the most of it, so when that big break does come along, you are ready and can embrace it fully. Some people get the break when they weren't ready and so….. “What ever happened to……???” Be ready!


To sum up

 If acting is what you want to do and you can't imagine doing anything else and you love it with all your heart then think long term, the rewards are well worth it.


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