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Hi, following is the second e-report in the series as requested.

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Robert Carne.


E-Report #2

 "The Lazy Actor"

 I've worked with so many actors that have fantastic potential, a potential that they'll never reach because they're lazy.

  “I didn't do my home work”

“I don't know my lines”

“Can you find me a monologue? I can't find one.”

“Sorry I wasn't here last week it was my cat's birthday”


If this sounds like you then I have some great news! The only way is up!! Yes, snap out of it! To succeed in this industry you need to take it seriously. You need to work. Hard. There are many people out there who dream of making it big in acting, and there are others who have decided to make it big in acting! Decide to make it big, if that's what you want, if that's your goal. If you are happy to dream about it, that's fine, just be prepared to keep dreaming.


Check list for the Non-Lazy Actor who wants to make it!


First you need to gain a solid mental framework for your acting technique. It's no good going from class to class, course to course, year after year working with methods and techniques that you can't use because you don't have a solid mental framework in which to incorporate this knowledge. I obviously recommend my course (Home Acting Course) for this framework but if you don't want this course just make sure that you find a good strong framework that works for you, soon. A solid foundation for your work will make all subsequent classes and experience much more fruitful.

Secondly, take classes. Anywhere and everywhere. Seek out the best teachers, train with them until you've bled them dry and then move on. You will have to spend money, don't skimp out on the important things, money spent now is an investment in your future.

Thirdly, make certain that in class you are active in your learning. You will not learn by simply turning up to class. Ask questions, be the first to volunteer, take a risk. Demand to learn! If you don't understand something then ask, the class exists for you, the student, so keep your acting coach working hard and hit her/him with any questions that you have.

Next, make certain that you do all work asked of you and more. Learn your lines, do your homework, study this character, go and see that play, live, learn and work towards your goals. Support your classmates and your acting coach. Go to all productions that they are involved with, support them as you'd like them to support you.

Finally, listen. Listen to anyone and everyone about acting, about life, about love, about anything that will help you understand the human condition. It is the human condition that we seek to understand and bring to life, that infinitely variable quality that allows characters to create and spawn wisdom, love, hate, jealousy, fear, empathy……. And be capable of the greatest acts of love to the greatest acts of hate.


To sum up


Make the decision to forge a fruitful career for yourself. Don't be lazy just because there's work involved. Enjoy the work and you'll be rewarded.


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I hope that you have found the first two E-Reports informative.

All the best,

                         Robert Carne.

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Robert Carne is the author of the ‘Home Acting Course”. This course is designed to give actors the best possible foundation for their craft available. Actors gain the mental framework necessary in order to accommodate and incorporate all other lessons, information and experience as well as the tools to forge their own unique, brilliant acting style.