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Hi and thanks for your interest in the Home Acting Course E-Reports. Please find following the first of three special E-Reports as requested. I'm sure that you'll find them informative.

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E-Report #1

"Inside the Actor's Head"

What goes on inside an Actor's head is one critical determining factor in their success. What do you tell yourself before an audition, before a show? After an audition, after a show? Do you tell yourself that you are the greatest actor ever to have graced this earth or that you are so bad you'll never make it? Do you find that you are very critical of yourself? Are you objectively or subjectively critical? Maybe you are not critical at all of yourself.

If you play the guitar and someone says that you are a rotten player, you may feel hurt but you can always put the guitar away. If someone says that you are a rotten actor it's very hard to put yourself away, it's very hard not to take it deeply personally.

If you don't get the part after an audition, do you take it personally? Does the little voice inside you say; “I'm a bad actor”, “I'm too fat”,  “I'm too ugly” “I'll never make it as an actor”?????? Do you go over and over in your mind the things you should have said, the things you should have done?

“I should have done it this way”

“I can't believe I forgot my lines, I knew them at home!”

“If only I had ….”

“I could have done so much better”

“I may as well give up”

If these are the sort of things you say to yourself then you are probably in the majority of actors. However, the majority of actors are out of work….

On the flip side you may think that you are the greatest actor ever and when people realize this fact they will all bow down before you.

This industry is plagued with huge egos and tragic low self-esteem and quite often they can happen in the same person within the same week. There is a very fine line between the two, one minute low self esteem, haven't had a job in months, the next minute you land a good role and suddenly the sun's shining out of all places unholy!

What you must learn to do is walk the lines between low self esteem, confidence and over-confidence, and walk it well. Boost yourself up when times are hard;

"I am a good actor"

“I do work hard”

“I'm going to get this next job”

“I'm the best person for the role”


And when things start going well for you, time for that reality check;


“Yes, I've done well but I still need to work hard”

“I am a good actor, but there are others out there just as good and better”

“Focus on the work, not on myself. I want to do a good job”


Boost yourself up when down and pull back when the head starts to expand. Be objective, not subjective, in your self-appraisal.


“Next time I will have to learn my lines better”

“I really nailed the first half of the monologue but I started to rush, next time I'll remember to relax more”

“My preparation was excellent, now I just need to breathe and relax more”


Try not to emotionally charge your self-criticism. Don't abuse yourself for the sake of self-pity, the way you talk to yourself will sink into your subconscious and become your reality. Tell yourself that you're a bad actor and guess what will happen!? That is what you'll become! Talk to yourself always in a positive way, only allow thoughts that will aid you in your pursuits not hinder. There are plenty of other people wanting to hold you back without you joining their ranks. And always keep a close eye on that ego.


To sum up

  What you think and the things that you say to yourself are critical determining factors in all facets of your career. Get that right and the rest will come.


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