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Gain a solid acting base from home. Learn acting techniques, methods and theories thoroughly, in your own time to gain the best possible foundation for your acting career! Yes, you do need classes and experience, BUT first you need a SOLID platform upon which to build. Get it Now!

'The Carne Method'

Home Acting Course

Home Acting Course

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Home Acting Course!

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Home Acting Course!

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     Hi, thanks for visiting Schemactor Pty Ltd's - 'Home Acting Course' site. My name's Robert Carne and I'm the author of the program. This course has been built up over three decades of personal study, training and experience. These days actors jump from class to class and coach to coach trying to get a grasp on their own way of acting, their own style. The sad truth is that this very rarely happens because they have no single underlying understanding of the processes at work in human interaction, no mental framework upon which to hang their experiences. They go from one isolated idea to the next, no links, no cohesion, no plan. The Home Acting Course fills this much needed gap in modern acting study. Once you have completed the Home Acting Course, all other theories, classes and experience will make more sense, allowing you to take the guess-work out of "how to become a great actor" and putting you in control of your future. 

    Keep an open mind and a thirst for knowledge and I know you'll enjoy what follows.

Kind Regards,  Robert Carne

P.S. Be sure to check out the free e-reports on acting. (Link at bottom)

P.P.S. The Home Acting Course is available all around the world having been sold in The UK, Ireland,  Hong Kong, Canada, Brazil, Poland, The U.S.A., Europe and Australia!


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Free E-Reports

Free E-Reports on Acting. 1) Inside the Actors Head - How important is what we tell ourselves? 2) The Lazy Actor - Don't be a lazy actor and succeed! 3) Think Long Term - "Rome wasn't built in a day." PLUS MORE!


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